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Annerie Mol

Annerie is a visual artist, and has a flexible work base. So wherever Annerie is, her studio is as well. To be able to create whenever she is inspired, gives her the ultimate feeling of freedom! Intuitive- and portrait painting and fast sketches suits her best. When the energy of a place feels right, she can feels the flow and gets inspired, especially in Nature! “It is very important that we treat nature with respect and return positive energy”.

Annerie loves working with fluorescent paint. This fluorescent effect adds an extra dimension to the objects when seen in blacklight. It has to do with the higher frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum which gives and connects her with special energy. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s she knew the psychedellic effects created, when an object was seen in blacklight. In the 2000’s she “remembered”, searched felt and found what was so special about ultraviolet light! Annerie tries to let these paintings speak through the fluorescent and non-fluorescent paint. Her “ArtViolettA” project was seen for the first time at the ADAF (Annual Dutch Art Fair in Amsterdam) in 2015. If you are interested to see more of her work in blacklight, you can make an appoinment by mailing Annerie.

Further more, Annerie gives painting classes in: Intuitive – Impressionistic – portrait – landscape


_ thanks to the light we perceive the dark, or is it vice versa? _ 


Annerie is a member of the NABK and WKK.

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